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Growth Predictor™
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Work with Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Banks to:

  • Predict and certify B2B companies' Future Revenue, Growth Rate, and Business Risk in uncertain markets


Growth Predictor

Growth Predictor is a fully supported, quick, accurate, and decisive technology enabling your clients to confidently identify and certify growth companies – in advance of their results, to help them build a fund or loan book with predictable growth. It predicts and and certifies the Future Revenue, Growth Rate, and Business Risk of B2B businesses by measuring their core ability to innovate and grow in rapidly changing markets.


Future Proof Fund and Loan Book Performance:

  • Encapsulate a company's innovation and growth credentials in a single numeric

  • Identify risk and growth before it is visible in a company’s financials

  • Speed up due diligence

  • Reduce post investment risk

  • Manage fund risk and opportunities

  • See Innovation Award here

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