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Growth Predictor Technology

Growth Predictor works with Principals (M&A advisors, fund managers, and banks), to generate Predictive Data on existing and new client businesses. The technology is also used as a marketing tool by Principals to simultaneously attract and filter, new prospects eligible for funding. Growth Predictor Data is applied by Principals and their clients with the help of our team of specialists.


The role of the Growth Predictor specialist is twofold:

> To support Principals in their application of the data to significantly speed up selection of companies for  due diligence, de-risk investment and lending decisions, and boost deal value by certifying client company future revenue.

> To ensure Principals’ clients have a full understanding of the strategic purpose of Predictive Data as a support for their funding needs, and to identify new revenue opportunities for their businesses.

All Principals clients are offered our fully supported Free Start programme to generate a base of predictive data at no cost. Data is free for our Principals.

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