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Predictive Intelligence
- what is it, and why is it crucial?

A serious problem has emerged, evidenced by critical market conditions, that demonstrates the weakness of historic data as the primary basis for company analysis and investment decisions. A revolutionary new approach generates new Predictive Intelligence from within companies and their customers that certifies future performance, de-risks investment decisions and uncovers new opportunities to boost company and fund performance. 


In this short article, we explain what Predictive Intelligence is, and why it fills the strategic need M&A advisors and fund managers have for quick, accurate, and decisive new insights.


The underlying problem is that B2B companies, irrespective of their size, have no clear method of measuring the impact of rapid change on their future revenue or their capability to respond to their changing markets, and therefore cannot certify their future performance. This makes pre-deal selection and due diligence more time consuming, costly, and uncertain. 


In rapidly changing markets, a company’s future revenue is determined by its core capability to Adapt, Innovate, and Execute solutions that continue to meet the changing expectations of customers. Contained within this crucial link between changing customer needs and company capability, lies a unique combination of source data, that when measured and analysed, provides the basis for predicting and validating the Sustainability of its Current Revenue and its Capability to Grow Future Revenue in changing markets.


Source data is derived by using an award-winning technology that assigns scores to the presence of ‘entrepreneurial drivers’ that determine a company's ability to Adapt, Innovate, and Execute solutions, and to link these to the changing needs of its customers and its market. Algorithms analyse this data to provide Predictive Intelligence that enables M&A advisors and fund managers to compare the growth prospects of client companies quickly, accurately, and decisively. Predictive Intelligence is then used to:

  • Identify growth companies

  • Certify growth company capability

  • Predict company growth and value

  • Predict fund growth and value   

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