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Entrepreneurial Capability
(Part 1)

Silver Bullet to Growth

A company's future revenue is determined by its ability to Adapt, Innovate, and Execute new value as an ongoing process in response to its changing markets. M&A Advisors and Fund Mangers must be able to measure the speed with which this ongoing process must happen for a company to maximise its growth and avoid obsolescence.


At the core of this process is the strength of the 'entrepreneurial mindset’ characterising the everyday thinking and actions within its teams. Listed below are 5 of 16 measurable characteristics, that link thinking and actions to predicting a company's growth:

  1. Clarity of new opportunities to impact customers

  2. Entrepreneurial confidence to pursue ambitious goals

  3. Purpose driving motivation to innovate 

  4. Unique ability directed at achieving commercial and innovation goals

  5. Capability to execute ambitious goals flawlessly

Gone are the days where an entrepreneurial mindset is the exclusive requirement of the business leader and top team - although this is where the measure starts. To contribute to a company's capability to grow, operational teams must develop this mindset too. See the article on measuring AI Compatibility here

How the measure is conducted

All teams participate in a confidential 80-question assessment to assess the collective capability of every employee and team to adapt to changing customer needs, contribute to innovative solutions to new problems, and execute this new value with precision. 

Confidential personal and team reports are provided to each employee and team leader. The reports specify to each person and team, where and how to improve their impact on growth in the context of their roles in the business. Repeat measures enable individuals, teams, and the company to track improvements. This provides companies with actional data on their capability to keep pace with the changing needs of customers and the growth opportunities this provides.

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