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UK Business Development Software of the Year 

Future -Proof your Fund

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Growth Predictor Score

An elite benchmark to identify and certify growth companies... boost your fund's Growth Predictor Index

Identify Winners Early

Identifying big hit companies that have the potential to ‘make’ a fund has become significantly easier with award-winning technology developed from working with top performing corporate companies over a period of 5 years.


The Growth Predictor Score provides early insight into a company's future prospects by measuring the dynamic interplay between Growth Mindset; Growth Capability; Customer Expectations; and Future Revenue

The score, which encapsulates a company's collective ingenuity and ability to sustain growth into the future - in advance of results, is compared with a proven game-changing standard that predicts the high standard of returns that investors seek. Scores that don't meet this standard, can be improved and tracked for reassessment in the future. The video below provides more detail.

Boost Existing Fund Growth

A fund's Growth Predictor Index is derived by combining the Growth Predictor Scores of the companies within it. Scores come with accompanying predictive analytics which contain new insights for businesses to alter predicted outcomes by taking early action to improve the dynamic interplay between their Growth Mindset; Growth Capability; Customer Expectations; and Future Revenue. Predicted improvements are reflected in a fund's Growth Predictor Index. 

Our Global Award

In 2023 Growth Predictor won the Innovation Award for Business Development Software of the Year.

In 2024 the accolade was extended when the company received the overall Global Award for UK Business Development Software of the Year.

Growth Mindset

Our Strategic Gift to your Clients

We measure the Growth Mindset of their management team or any team of their choosing. This is a strategic and comprehensive measure of that team's capability to adapt, innovate, and impact the growth of the business. It includes a detailed analysis and feedback session highlighting unseen threats, and opportunities, to achievable new results. It is worth up to £2500. You also get the company's measurement data for free. 

What our Customers Say


Attract B2B companies to your business that want to raise the bar and boost future revenue and valuation quickly. 
Invite them to collaborate to gain vital New Strategic Intelligence from their customers on their future revenue and opportunities in changing markets to achieve this. They start for free.

Share this link with them.


De-risk deals upfront. Our unique intelligence provides a quick and decisive measure of future revenue for B2B companies, validated by their customers. With Growth Predictor Intelligence you can make rapid and informed decisions based on revenue opportunities and risks that you can't see yet, that will impact client company future results. 

Accelerate due diligence and boost deal value. Growth Predictor Intelligence
measures and predicts future revenue, growth rate, and business risk of client companies in advance of their results, and provides client companies with new insights to transform their growth. This gives you a significant edge in the market. 

Build a risk-resistant pipeline and portfolio in rapidly changing and turbulent markets. With Growth Predictor Intelligence
 you can be confident of the future performance of prospect and client companies. Certified future revenue enables you to make informed decisions and build a portfolio where you mitigate risk and achieve your business goals - predictably!

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