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The Problem we Solve

Investors, lenders, and advisors cannot easily identify B2B growth companies or certify their future performance because there is no clear and universal method of measuring and predicting the impact of rapid change on a company’s future revenue, or their capability to respond to changing markets.

Growth Predictor Dataset™

The innovation that predicts Future Revenue in all market conditions to rapidly: 

  • Identify Growth Companies - early

  • Certify their Growth Capability

  • Predict Future Revenue, Growth Rate and Risk

  • Boost Investment Fund performance - predictably

The Innovation

The award-winning strategic combination

Sustainability of Current Revenue


measured from 

Customers' Changing Expectations 

Capability to to generate Future Revenue


measured from ability to Adapt, Innovate, and Execute


  • Generate and filter new enquiries at the same time

  • Accelerate pre-deal selection 30% - 40%

  • Boost deal success 25% - 50%

  • Predict new growth of 15% - 25%

  • Predict investment fund growth

(Data is free for M&A companies)

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