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Identify Growth Companies - early!

Stringent thresholds achieved for each component measured in a company's Growth Predictor Score certify future growth prospects.

1. Prevailing Growth Mindset

A strong growth mindset in the leadership team and supporting teams; able to embrace change, with a cohesive commitment to the company's vision, its customers, its growth and financial success. 
Is it strong enough to "Go the Distance"

2. Capability to Adapt, Innovate, and Execute New Value

A strong collective ability to: respond quickly to market changes; innovate effectively; and execute strategies that generate value - based on the prevailing Growth Mindset. 
Can it keep pace with change?

3. Customer Expectations


High customer expectations that the company can adapt, innovate, and execute solutions that keep pace with their evolving needs. 
Are they talking to their competitors?

4. Future Revenue 

Growth Predictor Score

Growth Prospects

Growth Rate

The Growth Predictor Score is a single numeric that links Growth Mindset; Growth Capability; and Customer expectations to Future Revenue, to determine a company's future prospects.

Likely future revenue and growth rate are calculated by applying the Growth Predictor Score to current revenue and market conditions.

Growth Predictor Thresholds

8 out of 10:

Predicts a company with a Game-Changing opportunity. Meeting this high standard indicates that the company has the growth credentials and potential to be a fund 'maker'.

7.5 out of 10:

Predicts a Growth Investment, indicating a strong potential for significant returns.

6.5 out of 10:

Predicts a business that is Ready to Scale, showing readiness for accelerated growth.

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