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Lift Share Prices

A predictive benchmark to positively impact investor confidence, stock prices, and trading volumes in the innovation economy 

The Growth Predictor Index measures the innovative competitiveness of B2B companies and its impact on their Future Performance


It predicts revenue growth and decline associated with the innovation capabilities of B2B companies based on a measure of their ability to keep pace with the changing expectations of their customers. 


Data is derived from the Innovation Impact Survey which is a single-question survey where businesses using our technology platform, are able to ask their customers to rate their expectations of them as an innovative problem solver.


Algorithms rank the responses from customers and predict the Sustainability of Current Revenue for that company. It generates Predictive Data that gives insight into the future performance of a business 6-18 months in advance of results. The data is uploaded to a Growth Predictor Portfolio where client scores and the associated risks and opportunities are presented graphically. View the demonstration portfolio.


Business clients have access to their survey report and supplier impact ranking. This acts as a catalyst to drive innovation, competition and growth. Online tools help your business clients improve and track their innovative performance.

View the client proposition.

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