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Partner Licence
Product and Business Scaling System

Earn and Scale

Growth Predictor distributes its technology to B2B companies through Partners who act as Licensor. 

Please note: Every B2B client is invited to deploy the technology to 5 customers for free.

Product Licence (Per Consultant)

  • Just £950 excl. VAT - one-off fee


  • Product training and ongoing support

  • The Innovation-Growth Predictor

  • Technology platform to manage customers 

  • Access to client assessment data from your personal platform

Business Scaling System (Per Consultant)

  • £1,000 excl. VAT - one-off fee for 12 months


  • Access to leads from your technology platform

  • Cascade the Innovation-Growth Predictor through supply chains 

  • Generate as many new customers as you wish within the 12 month licence period

       (12 months should be adequate time to achieve growth objectives)

Co-Branded Partner Licence (Per Consultant)

  • £3,000 excl. VAT - one-off fee 

  • Monthly subscription depending on number of partners

  • Ideal for established consultancies focusing on rapid business growth


  • Includes product training and ongoing support

  • Adds a powerful new product to your brand

  • Your Co-branded Platform is regularly used by your customers to build customer expectations 

  • Access to client assessment data from your personal platform

  • Access to the Business Scaling System from your platform

  • Growth Predictor Portfolio platform to manage your unique opportunities

Revenue Split

  • 50% of Client Pricing Plan

  • 100% of any spin-off opportunities or related fees

  • View Client Pricing Plans here

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