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FinTech to Measure and Deploy 

Entrepreneurial Capability

Growth Predictor Score

Impact on Due Diligence

FinTech Predicts Risks and Opportunities not visible in client company financials

  • Measures Entrepreneurial Capability and growth credentials

  • Rapidly identifies growth companies

  • Measures their unrealised growth

  • Predicts their growth rate, future revenue, and value

Game-Changer Ecosystem

Impact on Growth

Adds up to 30%+ to best expectations of company Growth

  • Access new market intelligence on opportunities 

  • ​​Define a Game-Changer opportunity

  • ​Develop High-Impact capability to deliver

  • Collaborate with 100s of growing companies 

Growth Predictor Exchange

Impact on Exit Value

Online Global Exchange to capitalise on the proven growth credentials of privately held companies  

Launch date early 2023

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