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Growth Predictor Intelligence

Predictive insights into an investee company's Future Performance

Identifies Big Hit Companies Early

VCs and PEs struggle with identifying which start-ups will turn into highly successful companies, or "unicorns," early in their development. Growth Predictor has created a powerful new solution, leveraging advanced data analytics and predictive modelling to provide insights into which companies have the highest potential for exponential growth. This enables investors to allocate their resources more effectively and increase their chances of backing a future market leader.

Boosts Fund Growth Predictably

Once investments are made, ensuring these companies grow at a pace that maximizes returns is another challenge. Growth Predictor Technology helps by continuously monitoring the predictive data of portfolio companies to make fund growth more predictable and sustainable.

The Innovation

Growth Predictor Intelligence predicts future performance by measuring the dynamic interplay connecting Growth Mindset; Growth Capability; Customer Expectations; and Future Revenue.

Created by entrepreneurs, the solution cuts through hype and other data to reveal the fundamentals of a business in a new way, providing new insight into the collective strength of a company's ingenuity and ability to grow into the future - in advance of its results. The Growth Predictor Score provides a stringent benchmark to rank the future prospects of existing and potential investee companies.


Growth Predictor Intelligence is not static; it is continuously updated based on new data and changing conditions. From this unique dataset, investors not only make better initial investment decisions but also actively manage and enhance the growth of their existing portfolios, ultimately leading to higher returns and reduced investment risk. 

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