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Game-Changer Opportunities


Growth Predictor Test only

No additional technology

In this option, focus is on your Growth Predictor Score, its accompanying analysis, and the implications of Entrepreneurial Teams on future company performance.  


The insights are designed to help you: measure your current growth prospects to decide where, and how quickly, change is required.


Some companies will elect to have no further assistance. However, additional tests can be conducted on a 'pay as go' basis as required.

Ecosystem Platform Subscription


Comprehensive Game-Changer Toolkit


This option provides access to the Growth Predictor Technology platform with its toolkit.


This will enable you to identify your unique Game-Changer opportunity, use your Growth Predictor Test to develop Entrepreneurial Teams, apply this improved capability to achieve your new goals, access new customers, and demonstrate your growth credentials through your improved Growth Predictor Score.

Training and technical support is included.

Add Acceleration Programme

Bespoke online Package

Online support is available from professionals for companies that want to achieve ambitious growth objectives quickly.


The Acceleration Program parallels the Growth Predictor Roadmap and can be tailored to suit individual company needs.


It includes optional online coaching for the development of your Entrepreneurial Teams.

Game-Changer Ecosystem Tools:

Growth Predictor

  • Market Intelligence on New Opportunities

      ​(To define your Game-Changer opportunity)

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership analysis

  • Advanced Application Roadmap


  • Development of Entrepreneurial Teams


  • Platform to collaborate with Growing Companies

  • Growth Predictor Exchange (Future)

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