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Customer Expectation Measure
Questions and Answers

Who this is For

The Growth Predictor Test is a strategic tool designed for CEOs and business owners. 

Why your Measure is Important

Your Customer Expectation Survey provides answers to two crucial questions in the context of how well your company is meeting the changing needs of customers:


  1. How secure is your business’s current revenue?

  2. What current opportunities are being missed?


Both questions are answered through a unique scoring method and analysis of customer responses to a single, clinical question that tests your company’s value to their businesses in times of rapid change, increasing uncertainty, and shortening product life-cycles. The higher the expectations of customers, the more likely they are to actively seek solutions from your company before approaching your competitors. 


How it works

  • Follow the links from your Growth Predictor Score page to register, and then set up your company's profile, on your confidential Growth Predictor Test platform. Further instructions are provided on the platform.

  • You will be in total control of your survey process. The system enables you to create a unique survey link and message with your company's brand, and automatically send this to the customers you select for the survey. 

  • Growth Predictor complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies in the UK.


  • To derive an accurate measure of the “Sustainability of your Current Revenue”, and to fully benefit from “Unique Opportunities to Exploit”, you will need to include those customers that collectively make up at least 90% of your revenue. However, you are free to test the system with a small number of customers first, should you wish to do so.


  • Anonymity of respondents is protected because the survey platform calculates and applies the average score of all responses from a participating customer.


  • We suggest customers include people in their organisation who benefit directly, or whose role effectiveness is impacted by your service or product. This adds deep insight into the relevance of your product or service from a user point of view.


  • For the best result, prior to launching your survey, we suggest that customers receive a personal call inviting them to participate in the survey.


Report Features:

  • A ranking of your customers' expectations by score

  • The average score of your customers against the industry average

  • Calculation of risk to your current revenue

  • Implications of the results on the growth of your business

  • Insights to lift customer experience and expectations

  • Demonstration of how Growth Predictor scores predict future performance

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