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Growth Predictor Score™

Deploy this award-winning technology to quickly:

  • Identify new prospects that want to engage strategically

  • Generate new revenue from new data

  • Predict future revenue and growth with confidence

  • Cascade your services through supply chains 


The Growth Predictor Score™ generates detailed Predictive Data on companies, pinpointing risks and opportunities associated with their capability to innovate and grow in rapidly changing markets, and how this impacts their Future Revenue. This creates urgency and a powerful commercial basis from which to apply your unique services. 


The technology: 

  • Measures the innovative ability of B2B companies to keep pace with the rapidly changing expectations of their customers and the impact of this on the Sustainability of their Current Revenue

  • Tests their ability to grow in the innovation economy

  • Identifies new B2B opportunities from new business intelligence from customers

  • Predicts their current rate of revenue growth or decline 6-18 months in advance of results

  • Scales your customer base by helping you cascade the technology through supply chains ​​

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