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Company Revenue Predictor
Intelligence Report



The purpose of this report is to demonstrate how new business intelligence generated from Predictive Data is used to de-risk investment decisions and boost returns.

Limitations of Financial Forecasts

Rapid change accelerates the obsolescence of products and services, rendering an estimated 80% of B2B companies at increased risk because they don't know whether their Innovative Capability is keeping pace with the rapidly changing expectations of their customers...or the Impact of this on their Revenue. Without this crucial intelligence Strategic Plans and Financial Projections are at Risk.

New Intelligence from Customers

The problem is overcome by using a groundbreaking methodology that predicts future revenue opportunities and risks using new business intelligence from customers. This report predicts the Sustainability of ABC Limited’s Current Revenue. This is calculated by customers rating their expectations of ABC Limited as an innovative problem solver. This measures the value customers place on ABC Limited’s product or service solution in the context of the pace of change they are

experiencing in their business, and the likelihood of them retaining ABC Limited as a supplier into the future.

Response from ABC Limited

A crucial aspect to this predictive report is the growth mindset behind the level of response shown by ABC Limited to this new business intelligence. This response will influence the valuation of the business.


The company’s response is revealed in 2 areas:

1. Their target score for revenue sustainability 

2. Their efforts to achieve quick revenue gains


Revenue-Predictor-Intelligence-Report summary.png

• Each customer rates their expectations of the company as an innovative problem solver on a scale of 1to10 (1 being low and 10 high). This measures the expected sustainability of revenue to the company from each customer for the next 6-18 months.


Algorithms are used to:

❖ Calculate the percentage of customers in each range band to highlight where revenue risks and opportunities lie.

❖ Apply a weighting to customer expectation scores to reflect the actual revenue generated in each score Range Band to calculate the overall Revenue Sustainability Score.

❖ Calculate the total number of customer responses to the invitation to participate in the measure, which is an indicator of how well the company features in the growth plans of its customers.

Predictive Data

Customer expectations of ABC Limited as an innovative problem solver and the impact of this on thesustainability of its revenue is shown in the table above.

The Score and Range Band colours assess:

• The continued relevance of ABC Limited’s product or service to each customer.

• Each customer’s expectation of ABC Limited to keep pace with their changing needs.

• The likelihood of ABC Limited retaining each customer into the future.

Report Insights

Range Band Percentages

These highlight the level of consistency of ABC Limited’s value to its customers.

• Customers in range bands 1 and 2 are expected to continue applying ABC Limited’s solutions,

and revenue growth from these customers is likely to be achieved over the next 12 months.

• Revenue from customers in range band 3 is at risk, and these customers are vulnerable to

competitors unless steps are taken to start new conversations focused on new solutions. ABC

Limited’s response to this is assessed on page 6.

• Revenue from customers in range band 4 can be considered lost unless strong efforts are

made to resuscitate customer interest.

Customer Participation

The percentage of total responses indicates customer willingness to participate which is an indicator

of how well ABC Limited features in the growth plans of its customers.

Predicted Revenue Opportunites and risk.png

Comments refer to highlighted graph columns from left to right

Customer Expectations of ABC Limited to meet their changing needs, although in the ‘low’ category (from score in column 3), are near the threshold into range band 2 which represents modest growth. This is a typical score for a first measure.

All Sector Average is a running average of Customer Expectations for all companies that undergo this measure and shows ABC Limited’s competitive position as slightly above this average.

Current Revenue Sustainability is derived after applying weighed customer expectation scores to measure actual revenue generated in each score Range Band. This translates customer expectation scores into predicted revenue.

Company valuations will be influenced by any thresholds reached in column 3

• Ready to Scale or with a solid growth foundation (6.5 out of 10)

• Growth Investment (7.5 out of 10)

• Game-Changer (8 out of 10)

Revenue Sustainability Target Score of 7.4 shows an ambitious target to lift predicted revenue and company valuation. Actions to lift revenue are recorded in the client’s platform and an example of this is shown on the next page. ABC Limited’s target score and accompanying actions are strong indicators that revenue sustainability will improve. The Growth Predictor Capability measure will accelerate this.

Business Risk is on the threshold of ‘modest’, and should reach this new categorisation as a result of ABC Limited’s response to the opportunities and risks highlighted in this report.

ABC Efforts to Lift Revenue


The Revenue Predictor platform provides the facility for companies to document new conversations

with customers to identify missed opportunities and develop new levels of trust to learn about their

changing needs before competitors do.

BC Limited has made a good start in addressing this challenge and has uncovered 4 significant new

opportunities in a space of just 3 weeks. This demonstrates their efforts to:

• Identify missed opportunities

• Improve current revenue

• Avert risk

• Win and retain market share

• Maximise company valuation

• Qualify for funding or exit

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