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De-Risk Investments
 the Innovation Economy

Strengthen Fundamental Analysis. Reduce risk.
Select B2B companies with predictable performance in the Innovation Economy

The Innovation Impact Survey is a single-question survey that measures the innovative ability of B2B companies to keep pace with the rapidly changing expectations of their customers, and its impact on their Future Revenue. This survey is easy to deploy and adds significant insights and value to Asset Managers and the companies they seek to invest in.

How it Works

The survey is a standalone component of the Growth Predictor Score which predicts the rate of revenue growth or decline for B2B businesses in the innovation economy by testing their ability to grow despite the changing and uncertain markets they operate in. Companies apply Growth Predictor technology to ask customers to rate their expectations of them as an innovative problem solver. Algorithms rank customer responses to measure how reliant they are on the supplier's solutions, then calculate the near-term Sustainability of Current Revenue for that company and display it on the unique Growth Predictor Scale. Asset managers introduce the survey to companies to add this unique data to their Fundamental Analysis.

What Asset Managers Receive

When an asset manager introduces the survey to a client, the Predictive Data that gives insight into the future performance of a business 6-18 months in advance of results, is uploaded to their confidential Growth Predictor Portfolio. Client scores and the associated risks and opportunities are presented graphically. View the Asset Manager demonstration portfolio here


What Business Clients Receive

Business clients receive an Innovation Impact Report which measures and links their innovative ability and the sustainability of their revenue as an integrated measure, which contains unique actionable insights. View a sample report hereThis acts as a catalyst to drive innovation, competition and growth. Online tools help companies improve and track their innovative performance. View the business client proposition here

Growth Predictor Fintech can be co-branded under licence

  • View the full Growth Predictor Score here.

  • Generate a predictive view of company performance in the innovation economy

  • Strengthen in-house research on client company risks and opportunities

For more information, or to request your complimentary trial.

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