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Identify and certify growing companies - in advance of their results:

  • Quickly

  • Accurately

  • Decisively


Revenue Predictor

Measures, predicts and certifies the Sustainability of a B2B company's Current Revenue 6-18 months in advance of results using new critical data - direct from customers. It generates early visibility into opportunities and risks specific to a business, that you can’t yet see, but will impact future results to help you identify prospects early. 


Unique Benefits:

  • Measures the fundamentals of a business and its readiness for funding or sale – quickly and easily!

  • Provides a quick and decisive method to identify, filter, and rank your best prospects

  • Provides predictive data on a business's potential future value

  • Brings clarity and priority to your decision making

  • Saves significant time on research

  • Mitigates risk

  • See Innovation Award here.


Scale your Transaction Rate
with Revenue Predictor™

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